‘We’re not going to stop saying it. We don’t want oil operations in our territory. . .’ That was Matsés man Roldán Dunu Tumi Desi speaking at a meeting held earlier this month in Peru's Amazon attended by Matsés men and women, whose territories are split by the Brazil-Peru border, from both countries. The most urgent topic on the agenda was two oil and gas concessions, known as Lot 135 and Lot 137, in Matsés territory on the Peruvian side owned by Canadian company Pacific Rubiales Energy and totalling almost 1.5 million hectares. One concession overlaps 48% of the Matsés’s titled 'native community' and 36% of the Matsés National Reserve, and many Matsés from both sides of the border say they 'totally reject' operations. For more details and statements from other Matsés men and women see my article in The Guardian today. (28-11-2014)

David Hill