That’s the title of a statement released two days ago in Ecuador by indigenous federation COICA, made up of indigenous leaders from the Amazon basin across nine countries. COICA highlights the recent assassination of four community leaders in Peru and states that 'indigenous blood keeps running' and 'they kill us just for defending our territories.' 'We 'Indians' are worth nothing,' the statement says sarcastically. COICA argues that the 240 million hectares of the Amazon titled to indigenous peoples is better protected than 'natural areas' administered by governments, and urges governments in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guyana (France), Guyana, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela to title 100 million hectares more. Peru is due to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December. 'Peru's Amazon is running with blood in the run-up to COP 20,' COICA states. 'Without territories and rights there will be no climate solution.'

David Hill