Indigenous federation FECONAU reports that an attempt was made on 11 December to assassinate one of the most outspoken opponents of palm oil plantations and land-trafficking in the Ucayali region in Peru’s Amazon. The reported assassination attempt was made in the context of arguably the most high-profile palm oil conflict anywhere in Peru, which has garnered considerable media coverage and involved legal action and an official complaint to the so-called Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). According to FECONAU, the assassination attempt was made on a FECONAU representative, Edinson Mahua, during a visit to an area of land claimed by members of the indigenous Santa Clara de Uchunya community who say it has been invaded. Mahua was reportedly photographing crops planted by the invaders - and deforestation committed by them - when he was shot at twice. “One of the bullets grazed his chest and caused a slight injury, causing burning and redness of the skin,” states FECONAU. For more information on Santa Clara's struggle and what they are urgently calling for, visit the website of the Forest Peoples Programme. (14-12-2017)

David Hill