Three NGOs in Ecuador marked the UN's recent World Environment Day by releasing a report alleging that loggers are crossing the border from Peru and entering the famous Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse places in the world. As a recent article of mine in The Guardian reported, Fundación Alejandro Labaka, Acción Ecologica and Land is Life allege that the loggers are principally extracting two types of cedar and, in so doing, risking potentially fatal contact with at least two groups of indigenous peoples living in “isolation”, one known as the Taromenanes. The NGOs are urging the Ecuadorian government to take action to stop the logging - but in consultation with local people and in a way that minimises further risks to anyone’s lives. The Environment Ministry didn’t respond to questions from The Guardian, but released a statement saying that protecting the lives and territories of indigenous peoples in “isolation” is a “priority” for the government. (23-06-17)

David Hill