Indigenous Amahuacas living on the River Inuya in south-eastern Peru are requesting that the government urgently provides them with medical attention. Peruvian filmmaker Fernando Valdivia recently travelled to the region and has released a short film featuring various Amahuacas - mainly women - from a village called Alto Esperanza talking about the health problems they are facing - not only from diseases, but lack of a health post, medicine, trained medical staff, and a lack of money to travel downriver to obtain such things. “I am asking the Peruvian authorities to build a health post here as quickly as possible,” one man says. "We want a medical post on the Inuya River!" the video ends with a large group of Amahuacas shouting. The situation has been reported by some Peruvian media, with one, La Mula, stating that the Health Ministry in Lima has been informed and was “trying to establish contact” with the regional government’s health department. The Amahuacas on the River Inuya are in one of the most difficult-to-access parts of Peru. (01-03-17)

David Hill